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Player News - Mandatory OTA December 14th

So Cal Apaches will conduct their first mandatory practice to begin the new Spring Season.

Saturday, December 14th 2019, the So Cal Apaches will conduct their first OTA's for the 2020 Spring Season for the LDFL. Leon Williams, Head Coach, will lead the practice, along with his crew, to get the players back in football shape; Physically and Mentally.

The coaching staff that will assist for the following 2020 season are as follow:

Jimmy Do - Offensive Coordinator

Reggie Stover - Offensive Consultant

Gene Hays - Offensive Line Coach

Paul McCalope - Running Back Coach

Andre Velazquez - Wide Receiver Coach

Malcolm Victor - Linebacker Coach

Herbert Cash - Defensive Back Coach

Zeus Leiva - OL/DL coach

Chip Hill - Special Teams Coach

With key veterans returning along with key signings to the team, we're looking forward to how the team will shape out during our practices.

Players who are interested in signing and/or trying out for the team, feel free to message us at our social media outlets and we'll respond to you asap.

The following is needed the day of practice:

- $40 fee which goes towards your team fees ($175 for returners/ $220 for new players)

- Workout attire

During practice, the owners will measure you up for jerseys and will take headshots for the league issued cards, which is needed for check in before a game, and for the team website.

Players that have aspirations to making it to a pro level team, we will provide needed film and will assist any way we can to get you there, if we feel you meet that criteria for the next level. Along with that, footage will be provided to all during the season.

We're hoping to see you all out there and as we start the journey through the 2020 season to reach the ultimate goal; LDFL Championship.



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